#SWMadrid Teams


At a time when the economy are on everyone’s mind, these teams took action with the claim “No talk. All action!”.

Startup Weekend Madrid saw about 20 pitches to present startup ideas on Friday night; those ideas were voted by all participants who formed 7 teams and worked throughout the weekend at the Madrid International Lab. Theteams were supported by 8 mentors with renowned entrepreneurship experience.

GIBI (@gibi) is a crowdfunding platform to support social initiatives on your birthday.


Tubotella.com (@tuBotella) is an online platform and an mobile app for wine recommendations based on affinity.


Watif (@watifapp) is a “facilitating serendipity” app.


Betty Virtual Styler is an app to help you choose clothes that look good on you.


Sportise (@sportise_net) is an online platform for creating sport polls (“porras”) with your friends.


Fast2do (@fast2do) is an online platform for communications in real time.


Le Design Market (@ledesign) is a platform to create an organized marketplace between fashion designers and retailers.