Call for Sponsors


Anyone who has organized an event knows that finding sponsors is the hardest part, so we are calling out for any sponsors that would like to help us out. As a non-profit, all the funds received go towards making an awesome event for all participants.

We’re not only looking for cash sponsorships, here are a few examples on how you can contribute to Startup Weekend Madrid:

  • Are you a catering company or restaurant that serves breakfast or lunch? Or a company who’s willing to invite all the attendees for lunch? Let’s talk!
  • Does your company has lots of office material that you can bring to the event?  Let’s talk!
  • Do you have something to give to the entrepreneur community (gifts, access to your services, prizes!?) or know of someone that does (we know you do! :-) Let’s talk!

Together we can make  Startup Weekend Madrid an amazing event!!!

Remember that this is the first Startup Weekend we’re organizing entirely English here in Spain, so we’re open to international sponsorship.